going to the doctor

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I'm going to the doctor this morning for the first time. I think I'm 6 weeks today. My symptoms are pretty much gone...have been since sunday (Jan 2). Now I really just have weird sensations in my abdomen...like pressure and mild pain sometimes. My boobs don't hurt anymore, but they still get a little swollen in the morning when I first wake up. I'm not worried...too much. On sunday when the symptoms left (sore breasts and bloating) I got really depressed. I cried all day. I thought for sure I was on my way to a miscarriage. But it's been 4 days. No spotting, bleeding or serious pain. I guess what I'm worried about now is "missed miscarriage" - where the fetus isn't developing and my body just doesn't realize it.

hehe I'm so worried about EVERYTHING. and the stupid internet is NO HELP whatsoever!! every little thing and it's some woman's horrible testimonial about how that happened to her right before she miscarried or right before she found out she had an ectopic pregnancy or right before an alien burst out of her belly! Jesus. I'm really glad to be seeing the doctor today - get some REAL answers from an actual PROFESSIONAL.