Google Chrome Extension Allowed to Block Facebook Baby Pictures

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by Cassandra R. Elias

In the Spotlight: Baby Pics Go "Bye-Bye" with New Google Chrome Extension

Baby PicsGoogle Chrome has extensions for pretty much anything. For those who have many friends who post several pictures of their little angels putting their fingers in their noses, there is way to avoid seeing them altogether!

Google's latest extension is called "Unbabyme," which allows Facebook to block your baby pictures. The nerve!

I find it hard to believe that every single one of my 700+ Facebook friends doesn't want to enjoy every picture I've ever posted of my babies. As it turns out, even if they love you, they may not love or want to see all your pictures -- all the time.

How does it work?

You download the extension, refresh your Facebook page and every baby picture turns into "something awesome." Uh-oh, what exactly is the "something awesome"?

We took a look and "something awesome" tends to be cats, dogs, cats, more cats and cats along with some bacon sprinkled in.

So now all that's left is for someone to come up with an extension to replace all the pictures of cats!

Does this new extension irk you? Will you be trying it or do you know someone who will?

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