Hard times can lead to happy times :-)

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I've been through alot of hard times. I had my first baby, Nicholas at 35 weeks, My first daughter, Charlize, was stillborn at 23 weeks, after her I had my second son Lochlan, He was stillborn at 28 weeks. After 2 miscarriages I found out I was pregnant again, and understandably I was very nervous the entire time, I could never relax. I just kept hoping to make it to the next milestone, 12 weeks, 18 weeks, 20 weeks. Everything was going fine, I found out my cervix had shortened considerably and was put in hospital on strict bedrest at 26 weeks...everything seemed fine after a few weeks so they let me go home. The day I reached 30 weeks was my baby shower, the excitement must have been too much cause my water broke while talking to my friends at the baby shower. I was flown to a major hospital where they tried to stop the labour but 2 days after my water broke my little girl, Arizona, decided to come into the world. She was born weighing 3 pounds and having a very difficult time to try to breathe, she was put on cpap along with alot of other things. After 2 months in hospital I was finally allowed to bring her home!! One of the happiest days of my life Smile However 2 weeks after I brought her home she stopped breathing and a family friend gave her cpr and then I took her and kept stimulating her till we could meet the ambulance about 30 minutes later. We were sent back to a different major hopital and she was diagnosed with bronchialitus. She spent a week in adult intensive care and finally started to look much healthier so we were transferred back to our home hospital. I brought her home again....feeling relieved AGAIN. Only to think she was getting sick again, I took her back to the hospital where they sent me home again, Everything must have been catching up with me and I fell asleep driving home, The car rolled 3 times and I was terrified that after her battles so far I had done something to hurt her. But when I climbed to the back to get her out she was fine!!! with just a few scratches on her poor little face. If I have ever met a baby that will fight to live its my little Arizona. Everyday is amazing and I feel so lucky. Its been rough, but Ive never been happier Smile