Heath's Journey 5/10/09

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He is asleep so I was able to get away.

Today we had PT come and he is responding well to her cues and he thinks it is lots of fun to work on the ball and with her toys. Speech should be comming to see him Monday.

I did find out that after 5am he will not be allowed to nurse because of the intabation for the MRI. MRI is at 11am Monday. They said the test will take about an hour and he will then go to recovery for about 60 min to make sure he wakes up and can breath on his own. After that we will be staying another 24 hours once we get back to the room just to make sure he comes out of it well and to wait for the MRI results, so I will still be here until 5/12/09 and it could be longer if the MRI shows anything is going on.

I am in the library and they have been able to give me some good articles on BWS that I will read once I get back to the room.

Happy Mothers Day.

My day started with a call from David, Tessa was crying for me when she got up and it took a phone call and Mama singing Rock a bye Baby to get her to stop the sobs. At 11 David did bring them up to see me and Heath and it was nice to have us all in the same room for Mothers day. The older 2 got right in bed with Heath and Heath just loved seeing them (I have pictures). We just sat and watched Stepmother on TV and had a nice family time but by time the movie was over they where ready to go home as the hospital was not to much fun and after Tessa nursed she was back to her old self. I did get a gift from Peter that he made in school.

I am doing as well as I can. I did ask David to bring me my anxiety meds to me today or I don't think I will sleep well tonight without them just thinking about him being put to sleep is not something I am not all that excited about. But I do know it is better then the sedation because it is going to be controlled and his airway will be stable.

Thanks for all the good thoughts, I know I have not only a good support team IRL but here on PO also.