Heath's Journey 5/14/09

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Pedi follow up went well she did not think he had and EI worth treating as he has no symptoms but because audiology wont see him unless they are clear (slight pink) she said to fill the Rx and make a visit to have him tested and give him the meds for 10 days before it to make sure he is clear of any pinkness for his test. She also gave me a new cream for his butt rash (dumb sposie hospital diapers!!) Mostly she said if he was having infantile spasms he will keep having them and they will diagnose themselves and that yes that can be what it is even if the scans are all clear and the genetic test will tell us more. I have to keep a diary of them for the next 2 months. She also said to try him on some solid foods!!! Not spoon fulls but letting him have a few licks or drops and see how he is with it, he has a higher choking risk. As for the allergies she thinks that is possible as after we got home his eyes are back to being red and running.