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Hello everyone,

Here is a little about myself. My name is Jordan, I am 19 years old and go to Winston-Salem State University, and I am pregnant. I know most of you not even knowing my are disappointed, and worry about what my life will be like from now on. I know it will be hard, but thankfully I have a wonderful support system. My family, and friends, the father of the child, and his family and friends have all promised to be supportive and helpful throughout the lifetime if this child as well as me. I am truly appreciative of this and would be lost without them. Now if you are wondering why I let myself "go and get pregnant". I didn't. My boyfriend and I always had safe sex. I used birth control pills, condoms, as well as spermicide, and yet here I am. It is my belief that the lord wanted this child to come into the world at this time and will do great things. It is now my duty to make sure this wonderful little angel growing inside of my makes it to this world healthy and strong, and to give him or her the opportunities they disserve.