I am hungry and sickly feeling as if I will throw up if I don't have anything as soon as I have a craving. It stinks! I'm seeing Twizler commercials and I think of the different flavores (blue, reds, orange, pink) they sell on the other side of town. Oh, they sound so good right now too. Justin's always touching my belly in wowness. I love it!

I've been pregnant 3 otehr times before and the last time was twins. The furthest I've ever made it was 3.5 months before, like the rest, it ended in miscarriage. I don't want that pain and suffering of what my child might have grown to look like, act like, or have interests in, or their weird quarks that I might have passed on (like collecting safety pins or dice or shot glasses-when older). I'm hoping the baby obtains our artistic ability. I was drawing phenominal things when I was still in 4th grade and had my art put in City Hall when i was in 6th grade when i lived back east.

I told my younger brother first out of the family, then my cousins, then my grand parents, then my mom. I wanted to tell her myself and she was like Yes! Yes! Yes! Almost seemed like she was doing a little dance there for a bit while holding the phone. She's been waiting until i got married to ask that question each time we talk.

This is my husband and I's first child together and my first child with a womanly body. I was pregnant 3 times when I was a teenager by a guy I was dating at the time back home. The jerk bailed on me and partied with his friends out of town and cheated on me all the time. I'm so glad we fell out of love and didn't get married. I love my husband and plan to hang onto him for the next seventy years or more. Oma and Poppop have been married for like 53-54 years now. I hope to make it with Justin like that.

A little nearvous about getting big and bumped into by a shopping cart or elbowed standing in line or slipping on the ice or falling from my clutziness. I'm scared of dribbling when I sneeze or cough when I get bigger and carry a plastic ziplock baggy and a clean pair of underwear in my purse so I never have to get that kind of embarrassmet just in case I forget about that Idea down the road.(I forget things so easily that it's frustrating and not funny).

I found some cool stuff from Walmart the other day when I got to wander around:
$15 baby organizer that hangs off the edge of the dressers
pacifier with built in thermometer temp displayed on the nub
non public cartoon decorated baby bibs
$1 little winter hat blk/gry/red stripped
baby wipe warmer
3 stage baby toy for the floor
and more... I'm so excited about these things.