Hello baby, goodbye highschool

My Highschool life was a blur. an enjoyable and slightly too fast blur. I am the baby of my family so i walked in the rather large foot prints of my siblings. My sister Kate Is very pretty and very determined. if she wanted it she would work until she got it. Varsity Volley MVP and captain, choir star, and soccer allstar. along with student body president, homecomming queen AND prom queen. she was also a high honoroll student. our brother Will played football and was noticed by all the girls. he was like by all the teachers and basically owned the school. I didnt do so badly my self. although i wasnt as athletic as they were i danced. i was on varsity poms all 3 years and i had a decent social standing. until i got pregnant. now i was lucky to say the least i wasnt noticeable until the very end of school and i didnt even know until 4 quarter. but it didnt take long before it seemed everyone knew. people would stare at me like i was going to infect them with pregnancy. it was annoying and slightly hurtful. thank god for best friends i feel like i barely got out of there alive


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I love this story. You see, I'm 20-years-old and just found out that I'm pregnant. I'm worried about everyone judging me because of it. Especially my sister. She's the "popular, athletic" type and I never really lived up to her standards.