Hi, I am currently working full time and just found out 2 weeks ago that im 6 weeks pregnant, I have a question to ask and i would love a reply. i am 22 years old and worked for my employer for 9 months, i have two boss, i have the sales manage and the over all manager for every department. i just got and spoken to by my boss and said i have been under performing with my role lately (he had a brown envelop in his hand when speak with me) then i asked him if he had spoke to my other boss, he said no what about, then i told him i was pregnant. he walked out the room and came back with no envelop, i asked him to email what was in the envelop and he did, it was to say i was no longer employed by the company.

because he didnt give me envelop and said ill see yoou to morrow, does this mean i still have a job? can they sack me now they know im pregnant (or that one of the bosses new without informing anyone)?

I really need someone's advice on this. i want to make sure i can control this situation.