ok so for the past few weeks ive been having symptoms of pregnancy, ive been having lower abdominal cramps,food aversions, the smell of chili makes me gag, i got randomally sick for 5 days so far, like 2 times at night nd 3 in the mornings, i sleep alot lately, boobs are biggeer nd more full and they are tender, my nipples arent that much darker, somedays they look like they are nd some days they arent. ive been peeing like every 20 mins, ive had diharrea for like a month, my fiance says im having mood swings nd that my tummy is getting bigger but i dont know, i dont have a period yet because i was on the depo shot birth control but ive been off of it for 10 months, so i cant tell if i missed my period, i took 2 tests, all negative, the last one was a couple days before new years eve nd still negative but i think i am, its just my tests keep coming ot negative nd i dont know why. please help.