Help please

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I am an active duty member in the Air Force and I work in an "Industrial area". I am an aircraft maintainer by trade. My Commander is trying to get to me to work the snack bar, which normally would be no big deal, just wear gloves when you handle the money, right? However, the snackbar is located right next to our tool and hazzardious materials storage areas. These tools are covered in air craft grease, jet fuel, and oil. The snack bar is still in the industrial area and I'm worried about my unborn baby being around the fumes and all those hazzardious materials. My supervision is trying very hard to fight the commander's decesion to put my co-worker and myself in this area for eight hours a day. Keep in mind my commander is a female herself.
Does anyone know the Air Force Instruction (AFI) that we could use to fight this decesion or has anyone else run into a problem like this? This is our first child and I'm not exactlly sure what to do about this. I would GREATLY appreciate any help or guidance anyone could give to me.