Help...running out of time...due August 9th

Hi All,

Was wondering if I could get some help with the baby names we have picked for our twin girls that are due in August 2009

This is my first pregnancy and we are so excited. It took forever to get pregnant and then to find out we were expecting twin girls is amazing. I do have two stepsons that are 7 & 5 so having girls will make our family complete.

We've narrowed down our favorites to the following, just need some help in finalizing the choices.

Our sons' names are: Chaysen Cole - 7 years old and Jordan Eli - 5 years old.
The girls names that we like are :

Grayson Paige Harper / Brysanne Faith Harper

Savannah Nicole Harper / Sevaya Rylee Harper

Abigail Peyton / Emilee Paige

Any input would be helpful....
Thanks so much,
Paige & Cole