Hi, I'm a little scared... but otherwise ok.

Hey, so I believe that I'm pregnant. I'm only 17 (yes I know I'm not smart), but I need support. I'm going through a lot of stress and I'm scared. I have a dedicated boyfriend who promised he's not leaving and I believe him. We have our one year anniversary coming up TOMORROW! Biggrin What a guy!
He told me that if I am indeed pregnant, he would probably marry me. Shotgun weddings aren't exactly romantic, but I really can't see myself with anyone else. He's the only one with enough patience to deal with me and not lose his head. I had sex with him on the 8th and my periods are untraceable. I was pregnant once before and miscarried back in September. I was devastated. However even now that I'm possibly pregnant once again (under unfortunate circumstances), is it wrong for me to be a little ecstatic and happy to make the most of it? Yes, it's not a good situation. I have conservative parents that will explode on me, but once the explosion is over I know they'll be there to help me when it comes down to it. I'm also going to turn 18 about a month before the baby is born (if I guessed my "due month" correctly). If you have any support to offer me I will be one of the most grateful people ever.

So I've been having a few symptoms over just the past few days starting on Sunday, April 15th:
April 15th: low grade fever around 99.8 degrees Fahrenheit, frequent urination, a weird tingly feeling in my uterus (not cramping, just odd), and I just felt like I KNEW I'd conceived (even if it's just me over thinking it, but I didn't think about it at ALL before that Sunday a week after I'd had sex, at all, none).
April 16th: still a low grade fever, actual abdominal cramping, however not NEARLY as bad as when I'm on my period, a little dizziness, a ravenous appetite, and not much else worth mentioning as a symptom.
Today (April 17th): still had a 99+ low grade fever, I had a ton of nausea starting around 10am and lasting well until noon (it was on and off, however there was no barfing), I also still had frequent urination. I drank a thing of coffee and I peed TWICE (full loads too) within an hour and a half or less. I'm all congested and nasally so I though I might have a bit of a cold, but my boobs also started to get just slightly sore on the outsides and for some reason feel extra squishy then they normally are. The biggest alarm for me was that my BBT was like 97.2*F! I don't track my BBT but I know for a FACT that it shouldn't be that low. I looked it up and it said it was a sign of implantation, I also had had cramps the day before so I was freaking out this morning, but I calmed down later in the day.

I know I shouldn't be "experiencing symptoms this early" but I can't help it! I just do!
Also all three nights I've gotten hardly and sleep at all and woke up in a pool of sweat. No matter what position I tried it wasn't comfortable. Please tell me I'm not the only one who has these symptoms? Is a fever normal? Are these things normal in pregnancy? Everyone keeps telling me I'm not pregnant and to go to the hospital... Yahoo Answers has some very apathetic people.. T^T can someone who's been in my shoes with these symptoms please sympathize with me? Tell me I'm not the only one, that I'm not just hallucinating!