Hi Out There!

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Okay so here I am again.Twenty-nine and expecting baby number three.My biggest hope: PLEASE LET ME HAVE A GIRL!!Whoever is up there watching my back,please not another boy!!!I don't mind boys,it's just that they kinda smell,they like to blow things up,and did I mention:THEY SMELL?! I am not against boys in anyway because mine are awesome but a girl would round everything out so nicely.This is my last child so I hope to get my precious Princess.So my boyfriend is probably wishing for another little boy.Personally I think he's trying to plan the next offensive line for the Seahawks(it's a male conspiracy to drive us girls nuts!).But anywhoo....this is my first blog post and hopefully between puking and peeing,I will be able to blog and entertain you all if anyone wants to read this.

Wish me luck....pray for me....snap a wishbone and wish for a girl....anything helps.LOL