Hmmm, these pants are a little snug

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Today I am 'only' 4 weeks and 4 days. I can tell my body is adjusting. The stereotypical symptoms aren't there i.e. morning sickness, tender breasts, etc., but my body is definitely doing it's own thing. I am gassy (I cannot seem to go more than 30 minutes without checking out my surroundings). I am discovering a completely different kind of tired. Having run a marathon before I will tell you there is no similarity; this feels like general flu-like fatigue. I HOPE that it never reaches marathon fatigue...but I fear that it probably will. Not a matter of if, but when! I am also the pee machine. Lovely. When I eat, I am still full an hour later. Though this may seem normal to you - it is most assuredly NOT normal for me. I am hungry all the time. Just finished a 4 course meal, when do we eat next? And when it's time to eat I eat because I'm supposed to and not be because I am incredibly hungry. Maybe that's my own way of being aversions? Last but not least, my pants are tight. The pants I just bought because they were touch spacious in the store LAST NIGHT feel as if they are going to split right down the middle. Bloating, it's a beautiful thing.

My body is changing, making room, letting me know that those 2 lines weren't lying. The little poppy seed is making his presence known.