Home Birth

I have noticed a lot of the articles and pregnancy books in general, little is said about the option of home birthing. Most articles/books talk about hospital procedure, what to expect etc. Being a first time mom, I thouroughly researched my birthing options. I spent almost 2 years filing through periodicals, CDC reports, valid medical journals etc, as well as interviewing 50 different women, a series of obstetricians, and midwife's. I found that for a healthy low-risk woman home birth is just as safe, or safer than a hospital birth. I feel more should be said about the birthing statistics here in the U.S. Most would assume we are number one, in fact there are 33 other industrialized countries with lower infant mortality rates than us. Not to mention, our high cesarean rates, and latigous society. I also think it is important for women to educate themselves and not use anecdotal information to determing their birth.
I do thank your for your time, and hope that their soon will be a seciton dedicated to home birth.