How a Kindergarten Teacher Earned $700,000

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by Cassandra R. Elias

In the Spotlight: Teachers' Website Makes Big Bucks

Teachers' Website Makes Big MoneyA relatively new website is not only helping teachers out but it's paying them pretty handsomely.

"Teachers Pay Teachers," is a company started to help teachers with their lesson plans. It was founded by Paul Edelman, after he ended a four year stint with the New York City public schools.

Edelman tells, "I had an insight that the materials teachers created night after night had monetary value, so I set out to create a marketplace called 'Teachers Pay Teachers.' Teachers are now making a pretty significant supplemental income and creating higher quality materials."

The website has about 700,000 users, about 10,000 of whom are sellers. Materials sell from between $5 and $10 although some material is free.

The lesson plans are aimed at pre-K through 12th-grade classrooms, with the most popular subjects being English and language arts, science, social studies and math.

One Georgia kindergarten teacher, Deanna Jump, began using the website to sell her lesson plans to other education professionals and she has made about $700,000 -- so far. That's quite a bit more than the usual teacher’s salary! She now boasts a Facebook page with 12,000 followers who stay abreast of any new lesson plans she has for sale.

It is estimated that the sellers have made approximately $7 million, after the site takes its commission.

In the beginning, teachers would buy lesson plans and many were reimbursed by their schools. A few days ago, the site launched an option to allow school to purchase multiple items at reduced prices. The founder expects schools will become the primary buyers with the new purchasing option.

Do you think this is a great idea for overworked teachers or does it feel a bit like they’re cutting corners? Let us know!


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This is another one of those "Why couldn't *I* think of that!?" ideas! Kudos though to both the founder AND even more so to the teachers supplementing their income (to the point of retirement! $700,000 is amazing!) I love the ideas and believe that in the end the kids will be the benefactors of all this creativity which can't be a bad thing! Thanks for sharing!