How Im Dealing with My Pregnancy

Hi! My name is Camille and Im 19 years old and currently a collage sophmore. Im also 3 1/2 months pregnant! I got pregnant by my ex-boyfreind who I had been with since our sophmore year of High School, but he went away to school in California, and we broke up, but I found out I was pregnant a month after he left, and I never decided to tell him. I know I should, because he is the father, but I've heard that he has moved on in California, and decided not to bother. I have the support of my family and I'm able to afford and take care of the baby on my own, of course if he ever tries to contact me, I'll tell the father about our daughter. Thats right, Im having a little girl Lilliana Lee on September 14th 2010.

When I found out I was preganant, I had mixed emotions. Scared, Happy, Excited, Upset, and more!! I knew telling my mom would be difficult because I knew she would be dissapointed, but I knew I would always have her support no matter what I decided to do. I knew I was going to keep her instantly. My mom has also been helpful helping me prepare for the child. She is going to go with me to all the classes with me and help me turn my room into a partial nursery for the baby. I will continue to live with my mom and sister until I finish school in 2 years and can afford my own place. I kind of feel lucky that my mom is willing to help me and be there for me when some moms arnt. Im also able to finish school! Im going to continue to go to school, whitch Im majoring in Journalism until my 5th month, and taking online courses until the baby is 5 months old and finish up my last year going partime for another 5 months.

I know Im very lucky and blessed to have such a wonderful support system and able to bring my daugter in a lovig home