How important is the Father?

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Through a series of unfortunate events, I found myself blessed with being pregnant. The only problem is, the "father" is an emotionally unstable man that I cut off all communication with. My mother, a RN and long time veteran of the labor and delivery wing, has informed me that I *need* to contact the "father" and get important medical information from him, like his blood type (I am rH negative in my blood and I need to know the chances that my baby will be positive). However, the man is emotionally abusive and I am terrified that if I tell him I'm pregnant, he will make my life and my child's life a living nightmare with the inevitably custody battles. Not that he actually wants custody, only to make me miserable.

So how important is it to find out his medical history? I understand the fact that I would be going into my child's life blind, not knowing if he or she has a higher chance of catching some disease or having some disorder, but I think that our lives would be better if he didn't know.