How is the birth control pill taken and how effective?

The pill is either administered on a 28-day or 21-day cycle. The 28-day pill is given for

each day of the period, 7 of which are really just ‘filler’ pills (placebos) containing no

hormones. The purpose of these placebos is to ensure the woman is maintaining the correct

schedule of doses. In the 21-day pack, there are 7 days a month in which you do not take a

pill, and the woman must remember to resume the dose schedule after the 7 day break. In the

last week of the dose schedule there are no hormones ingested, allowing a menstruation which

is usually lighter, shorter and less painful than normal. If the pill is going to become an

effective birth control method for you then it must become part of your daily routine. One

major attribute of the pill is that it is nearly 100% effective when used properly. Real

effectiveness is actually about 92-95% due to misuse. You can buy birth control pills

through online pharmacy. Specially you no need