How to Know if You are Pregnant

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If only missing period, you can’t be sure about your pregnancy. But if you experience more following signs, you can be sure that you have already had a baby!
1. Nausea
If you like the majority of women, about one month after impregnation, you will begin to have signs of morning sickness. Pregnant women often feel a little nausea in the morning. Or not only morning, may including lunch, dinner ... All pregnant women have vomiting.
This signs will reduce at the fourth month of pregnancy in half of pregnant women. In other women, this symptom will last for more than one month, or it may end sooner.
2. Vaginal bleeding
Some women have a little vaginal bleeding 11 or 12 days after conception. This may be due to the ovum is fertilized and come to your uterus cause bleeding, but not everyone has this sign.
The vaginal blood often has light color (red spotting or pink or reddish brown) and usually only in 1 or 2 days.
3. Missing period
If you often have regular periods and this time it does not come at the right day, you can be sure that you’re pregnant before notice the other signs. But if your period is not regular, or you do not care about your period, nausea, swollen breasts or frequent urination... are clear signals showing that maybe you have a baby!
4. Increased sensitivity to smell
If you are pregnant for the first time, it is common if you're annoyed by the smell of food or even you can’t stand the smell of a cup of coffee ... This phenomenon may be due to the rapid effect of the increasing production of estrogen in your body. This symptom can also occur for certain types of food in which maybe your favorite food before.
5. Positive with pregnancy urine test at home
Many pregnancy test stick is not enough sensitive to detect the pregnancy a week after missing period. So, if you still want to know for sure, you should wait a few days later and try again. When you found a clear result, make an appointment to come to a reliable clinic to check your health and probably your baby also!
6. Tiredness
Feeling tired can come at any time, but that will not make you so exhausted. Fatigue during pregnancy can come rapidly due to the increase of progesterone hormone. It also makes you feel sleepy more than usual.
You should be prepared to face these symptoms in the last two weeks of pregnancy, because the tiredness will be more often when your body becomes heavier. Some uncomfortable signs of pregnancy will make you feel hard to sleep at night.
7. Urination and frequent urination
Soon after getting pregnant, you suddenly feel frequent urination. Why? Because of throughout this process, blood and other fluids in your body increases, they exceed the normal level to form the "cradle" to protect your baby.
This symptom usually begins early at the sixth weeks of pregnancy and continues increasingly when the fetus grows and presses on the bladder of pregnant women.
8. Stretches the abdomen
The hormonal changes in the early stage of pregnancy can make you feel fatty in your abdomen, similar to the feeling of abdominal stretch before your period in some women. That explains why you feel your clothes tight at the waist than normal while the uterus is still quite small.
9. Body temperature is higher than normal
When tracking the temperature chart of your body and seeing your temperature is upper in 18 consecutive days, then you can be sure you have a baby.
10. The chest pain and stretch
The earliest sign of pregnancy is the sensitivity of chest because of increasing hormones. This feeling is the same like swollen breasts that women experience before their period begins. This feeling reduces after 3 months of pregnancy, when your body self-balances the hormone level.