I am going for it!!

Lately my friend has been spending a significant amount of time with me. He talks about ending relationships he has with others, and talks about plans to take me along to places with him he usually would not take me. He begun bringing me with him when he visits his childhood neighborhood, and introducing me to more and more of his life, even though we know almost everything about one another. I decided that instead of fearing to loose the ability to have a baby that it won't kill me to try. Deep down I want to do this with him, i can't imagine being able to cooperate, care, and work with someone else in this area. I am always told that we are perfect for each other; too much alike if you ask me. But no matter how much I try to pay attention to other males and date, my mind is always on him. I visit the doctor on Tuesday to tell her my decision, and begin to work on the TTC plan. Wish me luck, I am seriously going for it (didn't even start my new bcp pack this past Sunday).