I am, I am not

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So I gave birth to my son on September 4, 2009. It was a pre-term birth at 18 weeks. About an hour after delivery I had a DNC. My next regular cycle was October 11, 2009 -- I'm due November 7, 2009. I have several reasons to think I'm pregnant:

1. my nails are growing like crazy -- the never did and only did during my first pregnancy
2. I have a metal taste in my mouth
3. I'm having heart burn
4. I'm tired
5. Appetite has been increased and a little "off" in taste
6. My smell has been majorly sensitive
7. My cervix was very high and very soft
8. I have blue veins running on my breasts straight to my nipples

I have reasons to belief I'm not too:
1. My breasts are not sore
2. My cervix just did drop to low and hard; however, I may be checking it too much

I'm in misery trying to find out -- with my first pregnancy these test early PT did not work -- they say BFN until I was a week late and obviously I was pregnant. I want an answer now -- I think I'm right, I'm scared I'm wrong - some comfort and reassurance would be nice!