I had a miscarriage

March 12, I visited my obgyne to confirm my pregnancy test. She subjected me for ultrasound (Trans-vaginal), to check if there is a gestational development. Since I was only on my 4th week of pregnancy, it shows no gestational sac. The result shows that my uterus is irregularly enlarged with thickened endometrium which is consider an early pregnancy sign. Since I am staining then (brown blood coming out), she gave me Duphaston 10 mg to be taken twice a week for the next 10 days and required me for a bed rest. The stain didn't stop then March 18, I had cramps just like when I have dysmenorrhea but it is bearable. Then I started to see blood (now its color red), I called my obgyne and she ask me if it has a meaty blood. I told her that there was none. She told me to keep on taking Duphaston and she will see me on Saturday, March 20. She also told me to call her if my condition worsen. Then March 19, I feel better - no more cramps but the discharge is still color red. March 20, I am still bleeding, I took a home pregnancy test kit that morning and it is already negative - I cried. We visited my obgyne that morning, I told her about my bleeding and the result of my pregnancy test. She ultrasound (trans-vaginal) me again. She confirmed that I am no longer pregnant, it was a blighted ovum pregnancy. She give me the option if I want to have a D&C Dilation and Curettage or just take a medicine. I opted the later, she prescribed me Methergine, to be taken for the next three days, 3X a day. March 21, at 9:00 am after I have taken 2 capsule of Methergine the night before and that morning , I experience the most painful cramps in my life. At 9:30 am, after watching healing mass on TV, I rush to the bathroom and there I released a meaty blood measure at 6 diameter. In an instant, I cried and I whispered the words " goodbye my baby". When I got out of the bathroom, my husband was there waiting for me. He hug and pacify me. I know he was also grieving but has to remain calm and strong for me. After that, I still have cramps and had taken Dolfenal to lessen the pain. March 22 to March 26, I had a better days. March 27, my doctor already clear me from danger and advise us to try again after three months. She prescribed me to take Folic Acid and Vitamin E for a healthier pregnancy next time.

To my baby : Though I haven't had the chance to see you at least I had the chance to feel you. I love you my baby.