I have a tiny bump! :)

It's not much but it's there!! It makes it seem more real. I still can't believe that when I place my hand on my stomach, there's just a small barrier between me and my baby. My baby that's growing inside of me. I have such a strong feeling that there's a tiny girl inside of me too. I have to wait three more months before I know for sure if i'm buying pink elephants or blue ducks and i'm way too impatient. I can't believe some people wait until their child is born. I have so much respect for them because it must be magical to find out after the birth but I couldn't wait that long. Plus, it will be just as magical to me whenever I find out!

I've told a couple more people but i'm still being cautious and keeping it to a select few! Our first midwife appointment is on Thursday! I hope I get to see a scan!