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~ ~ MY PREGNANCY WITH KEAN SO FAR.....~ I found out I was pregnant with Kean around a month along, it has been a wild ride ever sense, this is my 6th pregnancy and i have problems with all of my pregnancy's but this one has been the worst, i started having problems with this pregnancy at about 9 week s along, and i have been cramping and in a-lot of pain the hole time, around 18 to 20 weeks it was looking like i was going to deliver early 4 sure, my placenta was over my cervix and had been, it was starting to in~bed it self onto my cervix and I was thinning as well, I was having vaginal ultrasounds every 2 weeks to see what my cervix and placenta was going to do, I was told that I would have to have a c~section 4 sure with my placenta that way and a hysterectomy and I might have heavy bleeding during delivery, so I cried and cried I have never had a c~section b4... on jan. 24th I went to another ultrasound and I had no cervix left and I had been 100% e-faced so I was put on complete bed rest at the hospital and this is where I will be until I deliver, I am 28 weeks now and I am so happy that my little guy is holding on, because his house (uterus) is kinda broken , at 24 weeks I did 2 rounds of steroids 4 his lungs and also a 24 hour magnesium. drip 4 the development of his brain, so I feel so good that if he comes early he will be ok... I love my boy so much!!!! wow that's an under~statement... im still on bed rest and im 29 weeks..... yippy~ i feel like shit tho...:(..... 30 weeks 2marro...yippy:) made it to 31 weeks yippy and then 32 weeks yippy again, oh and had an ultrasound at 32, and kean is doing goood im soooooo happy and proud of him, and almost 33 now... i kinda 4got to update here...:)