I. Need. Sleep.

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It's pretty much impossible to sleep.

I finally made it to Greensboro, but I'm going back home tomorrow. I have to get my books. I'd much rather stay here. So far it's amazing here. The the crap back in Mount Airy that is messing up ANYTHING in my life now. Ben got a call from his parents last night. Apparently someone in Mount Airy had told his GRANDPARENTS that the baby was his! Now who wouldn't done that? (I have an idea, but I'll be nice and not say anything.) So I called Steve to see if he knew anything about it. He swore up and down that he had not heard that. I'm not sure that I believe him. Anyway the night before I had emailed him to say that we needed to talk about the baby before I get all stressed and bitchy. However I was bitchy last night. I heard his stupid girlfriend laughing at something in the background. I swear to God if that had anything at all to do with me.... Anyway. I while I was on the phone with Steve I was like "hell, lets solves this right now. When can we talk?" and we decided to meet at 4pm Friday at the Wendy's on University. Today he emailed me and needed it changed to 2:30. So yeah. That is what is happening tomorrow. I am nervous as hell. I'm sooo scared he'll bring her and if he does.... dear God. It just would not be good at all I don't think. I'll update tomorrow!