I never thought I'd want to have my period

I am 5 days late and not pregnant 3 tests over. I took one at home and then I had my appointment for my yearly pap and she did a urinalysis and a blood pregnancy test. No baby. I never thought I'd want to have my period while I was trying for a baby, but now I want to have my period so I'll get around to ovulating again. I've ordered some Pre-Seed lubricant after reading some reviews. Anything to help the process along. My gyno told me just to watch for the change in my CM and if I wanted to, get an ovulation predictor kit. I tried the kit thing and I suppose I shouldn't give up on it after just one month of using it, but I did what it said and the LH never showed up, so I thought, "what's the point of this thing?" It was about a week later that I noticed the change in my CM. Maybe I'll try the kit again.