I Should Begin At The Beginning.....

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Well I just joined this site today so I thought I'd write a quick intro. I don't know how this site works yet lol so I don't know who will end up reading this or how replies would be delivered to me. I'm just kind of rambling so this could be boring to some/most people. Smile
My husband and I decided last fall to have one more baby. I have 2 children from my first marriage. My older son is 10 and my daughter is 6. My current husband and I have a 3 y/o son together. We plan to conceive so my due date will be in November, and I'm desperately hoping for another daughter. For a while I scared to try and get pregnant again for fear of it being a boy. BUT, ever since I've talked myself through this I've come to peace with the fact that it could just as easily be a boy it could a girl. I'll take what I get and love it.
However, the reasons for wanting another girl are numerous. Right down to wanting 2 boys and 2 girls, 1 boy and 1 girl with each man I married (haha) and there are 6 chairs at our dinner table. The timing is confusing, but would be amazing if I had a girl---My older son is 4 1/2 years older than my daughter and 7 years and 1 month older than my younger son. If this baby is a girl and born in November, there will be 4 1/2 years between her and my younger son, and 7 years and 1 month between her and my current daughter. I think it would be so incredible to say the boys are precisely 7 years 1 month apart and so are the girls, and that both boys would be 4 1/2 years older than their next younger sister. Confused yet? lol
So I was anxious a few months ago but I'm Ok now. Still a little nervous but I think that's normal for any woman preparing for an upcoming pregnancy.
My medications are causing me somewhat of a few issues. I take Glucophage to control my blood sugar and that can't be taken after the first trimester. I take Xanax for anxiety but I've cut back to a level that is almost acceptable to take during pregnancy. My doctor says it doesn't actually cause birth defects, that the problem with Xanax is they don't want the baby go to through withdrawals. That's what causes the most harm to the baby. To help me sleep I also take an antidepressant called trazadone that I will not be able to continue, but I will be allowed to take Ambien and drink herbal teas for relaxation and sleep. I guess my only concerns are getting the Xanax cut one step lower or quit altogether for now, and what I'm going to do to control my blood sugar starting in the 2nd trimester. I wouldn't call either of those things a "major" concern at this point.
I'm already on my prenatal vitamins, but I haven't been exercising as much lately. I had a breast augmentation in September and had to rest for a few weeks and then I got lazy. I keep promising myself I'll get back into my routine the Monday after New Years! Smile
I'm going to start early on buying baby supplies. Starting this Friday, around the first of each month I'm going to buy a few things. My husband wants me to wait to see what I get at the shower, but this is my 4th kid, who's going to give me a shower at this point? Well, if there turns out to be a shower I could just tell the planner to get the ladies to pool their money for a gift card or something and spend the rest of the shower on the food and games. And besides, I like the fun of picking out the baby stuff myself.
I'm not going to go all out on gear for this one, being my last I'll never use it again.
I've picked my doctor and birthing center. All 4 of my children will have been born at different hospitals. lol I was living in Virginia for my first two. I didn't like the hospital I had my son at so I went to a different one for my daughter. Then we moved to Georgia. I drove an hour 1 way to get to the hospital for my younger son because it was so up to date and wonderful. But the hospital where my husband was born just made a huge overhaul to their birth department and it's very nice and WAY closer to us than the last one.
Once I have the baby I plan to have the Essure procedure done for my birth control. That's where they thread metal coils through the fallopian tubes to cause scarring so they will be blocked. It's more effective than the IUD I had been using and there's no way to reverse it. Baby #4 is baby #LAST!
Ok, I guess that's about it for now. The story of how I ended up joining the site and what I'm planning to do. If you've read this far, sorry, hope I haven't bored you to tears. Smile
Have a nice day everybody.