I think I am pregnant

I was suppose to have my period last February 27, 2010. I am already delay by 11 days. I am married for 20 months now. I haven't bought a pregnancy kit because I want to try it on my second week of being delayed. I will have my test on Saturday, March 13. I have mixed emotions - I am excited at the same time scared. I am just getting the courage from women who have bore a child and raise them. I always tell myself the past 10 days, that if my mom and other moms outhere have done it --- why shouldn't I. I am so happy that I have a very supportive husband. When I told him that I was already delay, he just smile. Even if he didn't say a word at first, I can see in his eyes that he was so delighted with what I told him. Since then, he would hug me and we both count the days that I will have my pregnancy test.

I will be back to confirm my situation.