I want to pull my hair out !

Uhhhh .....

Today is not my day. I think I may have gotten a dose of the sickness to come this morning. Newly pregnant and newly impatient. I am young and trying to get a job but the mother is pushing me back. I respect the fact she loves me and has been supporting me and my son since day one, but i am trapped in thee four walls all day till 8 and job hunting at 8 at night is not as easy.

I really do not know how to talk about with her. Its always this person doesnt do this or this one always does this ! I feel as if I am the black sheep at this point and Im fighting to fit in the mold of life!

Mike and I are rough but are moving on to smoother ground. I have accepted the fact Im bringing another child in the world and it actually makes me feel wourthy ! I feel this is what is ment to happen after a past trials and tribulations. It just feels right for some reason and I cant explain the emotion I feel because I dont think it has a name.