I'm new here today....

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My name is Aly. I just signed up here today because even though I am young and probably naive, I want a baby as a teenager. I am not going to go just get pregnant though. I am looking for reasons basically to disuade me from this wierd dream. I know that baby-sitting is not like being a mother, but I have spent a few days caring for a newborn infant while his parents were on their honeymoon. I'm very mature for my age and in the future, when I turn 15, I am going to be working at a daycare. I am not planning on having my baby now, of course. I'm not insane, but I was thinking maybe when I was 17 and in my senior year, of which I will only have to spend half a day at school, or even when I am 18 and in college. Studying and school would not be a problem, I'm very bright and pick things up quickly. I don't know where this deep desire for a baby comes from. I'm not doing it for attention (No way!) and I am not doing it to make myself feel stronger or wanted, I just have a deep burning wish for a baby, and to have it as a teen. My family is not the richest, but we basically would be able to afford a new baby, especially now that my father (my parents are divorced) is moving to be a cop in Arizona and is basically going to double his pay. And I am covered by the insurance for a delivery. I haven't told anyone about this wish. Part of me is hoping it will just go away while the other part is screaming for it to come true. Is it normal for teens to have this wish? And are there any teens out there that might be able to tell me about being a teenage mother still in highschool or college? Thanks for the help..
Aly Ahrens