I'm Pregnant

April 9th is a day I will never forget. I was 5 days late with my period. We stopped taking the pill at the end of January. We had decided it was time to start considering a child. We have not been actively trying to get pregant, but not preventing it either! I had taken pregnancy tests in the past whenever I was a day or 2 late or if I was nauseated, etc. They were always negative. Today it was positive! I am pregnant! I have so many mixed emotions - happy, nervous, scared. We didn't expect it to happen after only 2 months off the pill. Somehow we thought it would take longer, 6 months to a year to happen. Especially since my sister has been trying to get pregnant for over 2 years including invitro fertiliztion and has not gotten pregant.

So far its ok being pregant - no morning sickness yet. My boobs are very sore, but thats it.

The things to do are overwhelming. A babies room, fixing the bathroom, a safer car. I know I have a lot of time - but I know I will run out of time. I feel like I want to start on all of this NOW. Shopping for baby stuff, furniture, working on the babies room. And yet I am not ready to tell anyone that I am pregnant. I dont want to tell my parents, especially not my sister, or even friends yet. For now this is just for us, our time.