I'm Pregnant:)

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December 31, 2010
Well, after all we've been through I am actually pregnant. It really isn't a big surprise, because we haven't prevented it.
I'ts already end of the month and I'm already delayed for 2 weeks so i decided to buy a pregnancy test, tried it at home I arrived 7:00 am and i went straight to the bathroom to have a pregnancy test, I've waited for 2 minutes for the result and got just 1 line meaning it was negative, i was surprise, wondering why i don't have period yet. I went upstairs to tell it to my partner that pregnancy test is negative, so he said "patingin nga" so i gave him the pregnancy test and surprisingly "oh bakit two lines n to?" meaning the test was positive. My partner told me "Congrats!" thats the first word that i heard.First i don't even want to know that i'm actually pregnant given the fact that I'm too young for it and not yet prepared to be a mom. On the other hand I'm so exited,wondering what would be the outcome of my baby, if its a boy or a girl.

January 1st
In the first week that i've found out that I'm pregnant so many changes happened. like headaches, craving for something, sleepy, constipation and soreness of breast I even tell may partner not to touch it coz it really hurts.

January 7, 2011
i hate this day! "masama and loob ko, nkakastress!"
will have my first check up tomorrow.:) Excited!