Impatient and anxious

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So, DH and I were successful with the BD'ing on the day I should have O'd, so now I'm waiting on whether or not AF is gonna rear her ugly head. I am 2 days from starting AF (according to my cycle length before m/c and D&C) and have not noted any of my usual telltale signs of spotting yet. I have planned to take an HPT this coming Wednesday, provided AF doesn't show before then. I do feel like maybe I am pregnant; like that instinct only a woman has about her body. Like the first 2 times I got pregnant, I just knew. I kinda feel like that now and hope I'm just not playing tricks on myself. I just hope Wednesday gets here soon...


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The same thing happened to me with my first pregnancy, I knew the exact day I was supposed to get my period that I was pregnant.

Unfortunately I had to end the pregnancy due to complications.

I wanna try to have another baby but my boyfriend is hesitant. I went off my birth control a few weeks ago and we had sex during the week I wasn't on the pill. I feel pregnant now and my skin is already very oily and I'm having mood swings and back pains. I hope I'm pregnant now but we will see in a few weeks. Good luck TTC

I know exactly how you feel!

DH and I are TTCing for number three. I had a MC back in August and we have been trying ever since.

I am a stay-at-home mom and today I feel like my soul purpose has been sitting around waiting for AF.

I am crabby, and feel restless because I just wish it would come already so I can get the disappointment over with.

Today is the day it's supposed to arrive, I've taken 2 tests prior, much to my husband's dismay because I always jump the gun.

Of course both tests shows a BFN, so I have just been anxiously awaiting AF to show. However, my breasts are still a bit tender, and I've felt a bit queasy this afternoon, but then, that's probably just my mind playing tricks.