In The News: Fetus Parties -- Fun or Bizarre?

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by Caitlyn Stace

In The News: Fetus Parties -- Would You Have One?

What's a fetus party, you ask? Exactly that. A party for your fetus. With the clarity of today's 4-D ultrasounds, expectant parents are more excited than ever to show off their pictures and videos of their coming bundles of joy.

However, while this excitement is understandable, parents-to-be have started a trend in the U.K., inviting friends and family to fetus parties where their guests can view the ultrasounds images.

Moreover, some couples are even renting ultrasound machines and hiring sonographers to perform a sonogram in their home during the party! U.K. soccer star, Wayne Rooney and his wife Colleen hired a sonographer to come to their house and take images of their unborn baby in 2009 and the trend has grown.

Private companies now offer party planning and sonogram souvenirs (like fridge magnets and teddy bears).

It is no surprise that not everyone in the medical community thinks this is a good idea. In a column for the BBC, Professor Cathy Warwick, chief executive at The Royal College of Midwives writes,

"I think the worrying trend towards the commercialization of pregnancy and trend in 'fetus parties' can add to the burden, and can increase the expectation for mothers, which midwives then have to deal with."

Professor Warwick is concerned that this early celebrating could cause additional emotional trauma if it is later found that there is something wrong with the baby. And there are some who say 4D scans could be harmful to baby -- especially if a woman is getting them often.

What do you think about fetus parties? Is it the same as baby showers?

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