In the News: In Vitro Treatment Produces Shocking Results For Couple

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by Cassandra R. Elias

In the News: Sperm Bank Investigated After Wrong Donor Used

Wrong Donor IVFCongratulations! It's a...oops...not your baby. That's what happened to a gay couple in London when their second child was born.

Many couples who can't conceive naturally seek in vitro fertilization to fulfill their dreams of having kids. For this couple, their experience was anything but joyful due to a huge mix-up at the largest sperm bank in Britain.

The couple purposely went back to the same facility they used with their first baby so that their kids would be biological siblings. However, they were ultimately given sperm from the wrong donor which resulted in their second baby being born a different race. They didn't realize the error until after the baby was born.

The sperm bank at the London Women's Clinic is now under investigation from the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority, which regulates IVF clinics in the United Kingdom. A report is expected on May 31, 2012.

More than 13,000 babies are born every year in the UK from in vitro fertilization treatment, and while mix-ups are rare, they are not unknown. In 2010, a couple lost a negligence lawsuit against a Belfast hospital after a white couple had a black child after receiving sperm from the wrong donor.

In 2002, a white couple had mixed-race twins after an Asian man's sperm was mistakenly used to fertilize the woman's eggs at a Leeds IVF clinic.

"All we wanted was a family. Instead, we were landed with a nightmare that will last forever," the woman later said.

What do you think about this? How would you deal with this situation, especially as your kids get older?


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"All we wanted was a family. Instead, we were landed with a nightmare that will last forever," ?

Be happy you were blessed with children at all! Not what you expected but not the end of the world! That quote makes it sound like those little ones are a curse and black mark on her existence and she regrets giving them life!