Indigestion and Heartburn?

I have been suffering with extreme indigestion and heartburn for the past month. They say it is normal during pregnancy and that it is actually good for the baby. I did some research and found that the reason for that is our bodies slow down due to hormones and it makes for more indigestion which then leads to heartburn.I also found that because digestion is slower than usual our bodies are able to absorb more nutrients for us and the baby, but boy is it unconfortable. My indigestion and heartburn was so bad as to get it from everything...even fresh fruit!!!! Now, we all want simple solutions to our problems, and i believe i've found the simplest and most delicious solution for this particular problem. Last week, as i was walking down the streets in Manhattan where i work, i saw some pineapple cut up in a cup at a local deli. Immediately i felt the urge (we all know what that means) to go in and just devour the whole thing. Sure enough, as soon as i had my first bite of fresh pineapple i could feel the burn start to ease. Needless to say, ever since then, i have been downing pineapple non-stop. I haven't gone over this with my doctor yet, so if anyone out there has a medical objection to this please let me know. As for the rest of you who can't seem to find relief from that bloated burning feeling you ought to try this remedy.
Best of luck to all soon-to-be Moms