Insurance Mess!

I was put on bed rest on September 26th for multiple high risk factors. The company I worked for has used Aetna as their health insurance provider for the past 2 years. On 10/25/12 I was asked for my doctor's information (both OB and perinatal specialist) to give to our insurance company for benefit verification. We were switching from Aetna to Humana on 11/01/12 and they wanted to double check that all my benefits would stay the same since I am already 29 weeks. Received a call back from my employer and was told everything was good to go! I had not received a new group or id number by 11/02/12 and had an appointment with my specialist - I went to this - paid my $60.00 copay and just thought the claim would have to be resubmitted when I got my new insurance info. I had 2 more appointments on 11/06/12 - still no group or member ID numbers - I had an ultra sound and blood test done - also saw both my OB and specialist. On 11/08/12 I received a phone call from my doctors office asking for new insurance information because mine was expired - I told them I did not have it yet but would contact my employer and get back with them ASAP. After contacting my employer - I got forwarded an email dated 11/05/12 from the insurance agent saying if any employees had doctors appointments to contact her first before scheduling. I did not know about this - so I hadn't contacted her before. I decided to contact her on 11/09/12 about my next appointment and asking her what to do about prescriptions (I have 3 waiting for pick up but am being charged as if I have no insurance) - she emailed me back and said she put a call into Humana to find out what to do about prescriptions but wanted to let me know that my specialist was considered "out of network" - wow! I am currently seeing my specialist weekly and cannot afford to pay the first $9000 out of pocket - I was livid. Why couldn't they have given me this info on 10/25/12 when I submitted both doctors information to them? I have now seen my specialist twice and accumulated over $2000 in bills that I am now responsible for. I was told I could try a "continuity" form - after speaking with my specialist insurance department - they informed me they do not accept those. On 11/09/12 - I tried all day to get information as to what I could do about my prescriptions - got NOTHING! I am almost out of my meds now and refuse to pay that much out of pocket (I can afford to - but what about the people who can't?). My OB is trying to get me referred out to a new specialist because I have weekly appointments and cannot continue going to the out of network doctor - however, he cannot refer me because I still have no group # or member id! Specialists take weeks to get into. I'm aggravated and cannot see how this is legit? Its going to be 12 days tomorrow that I should have had at least an ID number but still have nothing. Also - when calling Humana (the new insurance company) and giving them my SSN # - they say they do not have me on file - so obviously I do not have coverage yet and they will have to back date it to 11/01/12! Is this right? What can I do to get this taken care of? Are they responsible for anything??