Is Your Baby Sleeping with a Meat Cleaver?

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by Paco Haus

In the News: Can Co-Sleeping Be as Dangerous as Your Baby Sleeping with Sharp Implements?

Is Your Baby Sleeping With a Meat Cleaver?Co-sleeping has always been a controversial subject, but a new campaign by the city of Milwaukee against co-sleeping has people talking. It features a baby sleeping next to a butcher's cleaver with the phrase: "Your baby sleeping with you can be just as dangerous."

While many are shocked by such an ad, others think it is well-overdue given the fact that Milwaukee already has nine infant deaths this year attributed to unsafe sleep environments.

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) has long recommended that babies should sleep on their backs in a crib without fluffy bedding, pillows or crib bumpers. But many moms, especially those who are breastfeeding, prefer having baby sleep with them.

The ads were discussed on the "Today Show" Wednesday morning, where NBC's Chief Medical Editor Nancy Snyderman said, "their message is absolutely important, this is not the right way to do it."

While many experts and parents denounce co-sleeping, the practice also has outspoken supporters who say it has emotional benefits for parents and babies, There is much to be said for the closeness and bonding which co-sleeping brings.

Dr. William Sears, who wrote about co-sleeping, in "The Baby Book," appeared on CNN this morning, and says it is safe to co-sleep as long as parents take the appropriate precautions.

"Put yourself behind the eyes of your baby," says Sears. "Ask, 'If I were baby Johnny or baby Suzy, where would I rather sleep?' In a dark lonely room behind bars, or nestled next to my favorite person in the world, inches away from my favorite cuisine?"

How do you feel about co-sleeping? What do you think of Milwaukee's ad campaign? Let us know in the comments -- we want to hear what have to say!

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My personal views on co-sleeping is that as long as your comfortable with it then it is ok. I had my daughter with me until she was 8 months old due to the fact that she had RSV as an infant and I just felt better with her in bed with me. Once I felt it was time to move her to her crib I wanted to make it as safe as possible. I agree that the bulky traditional crib bumpers are a health risk on many levels. I chose to go with the Wonder bumpers. These bumpers are extremely safe, soft, and durable! I had a peace of mind at night that my daughter was safe in her crib.