Is There An Exchange Program?

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So Liam asked me if there is an exchange program if they don't get a sister.Like at K-mart.Or can we put the baby on lay away.I was smiling ear to ear trying to come up with something other than "that is not how it works honey." I told him the baby IS on lay away in Mommies uterus.Yes my kids know that word.Don't ask ME how because I never taught it to them.Got to say kids are the smartest and toughest cookies in the world. They tend to learn things we weren't allowed to learn about when we were kids.Prime example: swears. I remember the first time Liam came home and used the B-bomb.I didn't know whether to laugh or send him to his room.

But I digress. No I hope there is never an exchange program. I wouldn't give up any of this. Not for all the money or gift cards in the world.

Love Liz