It Finally Happened!!!

After impatiently waiting for 14 years my husband and I are finally pregnant! We have tried Clomid 3 different times in a series of a year each with no success. Our last attempt was this past November 2010. After a long disappointing year we decided that we were going to stop trying so hard.I am also Insulin Resistant and was requiring Metformin and Actos daily. I decided to continue taking those in order to keep my menstrual cycle as regular as possible. In December and January I had my monthly on a 32 day cycle, but when Feburary came I missed it. After the 18th day late I decided I had better take a test. To my shock and surprise it was positive! After 5 more tests being positive I think I belive it now!!! That was Thursday Feb. 24th. I made an MD appointment and am scheduled for March the 8th. At this time I am still in shock and disbelief that it has actually happened!! I'm really not sure how to feel (other than I want a nap and to eat all the time!). It is like I am in a dream and I don't want to wake up if it is!! Please pray that all will go well with me and this baby and 7 1/2 months from now I will be a new Mom!