It's positive!

I guess this would be considered day 1. I'm not entirely sure which date was conception, either Jan 16th or 26th. Jan 16th was also the first day of my last period. I haven't gone to the doctor yet, it's Saturday so I have to wait until after work on Monday to get a second opinion test. The only thing that said I was pregnant so far was a clear blue test. It was the 3rd test out out of the package, and I had taken the other two over the last 2 weeks. Actually, just about 4 days ago was the last time I took the test.

So far, I've read up a little. Some things match up. Random heart burn (which is unusual for me) from the other day may have been because of the new pregnancy. Also, for the last weekish, I've been getting very hot, even when being completely still and relaxed, and it would be a hot on my skin - mainly face/cheeks. THAT I read could have also been a sign! I wondered about that.

Hopefully it wasn't a false positive!