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New Zealand's Pike River Coal mine did not have a purpose-built fresh air safety haven operating at the day of the explosion that killed 2ninemen last year.The statutory mine manager, Doug White, has told the royal commission into the November 1ninedisaster on the West Coast underground mine a fresh air base 1500 metres into the mine were decommissioned several weeks before the explosion.Two miners struggling for survival, Daniel Rockspaceand Russell Smith, were advised to visit the fresh air base once they phoned for assistancefrom extrawithin the mine.once they got there, they found there has been no air and no working phone within the base.Mr White has told the hearing at Greymouth District Court on Wednesday that he believed the 1500m base still had air and a pieceing phone, but he knew the self-rescue breathing apparatus were removed.He agreed that removing the self-rescuers was a premature action when asked by suggestfor the Engineering Printing and Manufacturing Union, Nigel Hampton QC.However, he said he was not made consciouson every instancea phone was moved and there have been many reasons the compressed air was not available.at the same time asa brand new air base were ardiversitywhere air entered the mine down a slimline shaft, it was not purpose built, Mr White said.on the time of the explosion a purpose-built air base was to were inbuilt a queryof weeks by excavating, kitting it out with airlock doors, tables and employingthe apparatusthere in a more organised way, he said.He agreed with Mr Hampton thon the "de facto fresh air base" can be reliant at the mine ventilation system and barometric prescertain to make sure air kept coming in.The hearing continues.