Jenny's baby week 4

I just found out that i am pregnant on 14 Jan 09!! i decided to take a urine test at home before i went to work and it was positive! We have been trying since November, so is nice that we didnt have to wait that long.
I was on the Depo shot for a year and then the patch for two months, so we thought that it would take a bit longer. So this were really good news!
This is my first pregnancy and i wasnt familiar with the sysmtopms. Even before i missed my period i started feeling some breast tenderness. not really pain, just very uncomfortable. So the day that my period was suppouse to start, i took the test. Since then i have been cramping like if i were going to get my period, but it has cease a little bit. I have not experience any morning sickness, and i kind of hope it stays that way.
Well, good luck to all the mommmy's to be!
Love, Jenny