The Journey Begins...

So me and my boyfriend have decided that it is time we have our own little bundle of joy.

I already have a 3 year old daughter with my ex so I already had an idea what to expect and ect ect. The only difference is my pregnancy with my daughter was a complete and total shock. I had no idea I was pregnant and I only took a test because my mother told me to and i want to show her no mom ur 18 yr old high school senior cant possibly have a bun in the oven....she was right i was wrong...mothers always i went to the dr and it was confirmed I was 9 weeks along. 2 days later every single pregnancy symptom you can have hit me at once. morning sickness, smells, tastes, back pain, fatigue, i thought i caught a flu but this flue lasted until i was 22 weeks along. it was horrible me and that pregnancy were at war with eachother. then as soon as i hit 23 weeks it was all gone. i had energy i could actually keep food down, 23 weeks - i delivered at 37 were easy as pie compared to the first 22. But that was then. this is now.

February 3rd. I had my mirena removed. I talked to the dr. about becoming pregnant and she told me dont expect anything right away your body has to adjusts its progesterin levels and such on its own ect ect then she told me i should start taking over the counter prenatal vitamins and eating healthy and no smoking (i had already quit back in october) no drinking start to decrease on the caffine intake all that. so since then ive been doing everything but taking the prenatal vitamins i wanted to give my body an entire month to adjust its self before i started making adjustments with vitamins. also since it has been out i have been monitoring my cycles. I am hoping that by monitoring my cycle lengths ill be able to pinpoint when i ovulate (also going to buy a ovulation kit just to help make that pin point clearer. I am hoping to be pregnant ASAP. my next period is due on March 7th so from now until then we have to wait and see. 9 days to wait to see if we got pregnant this month. We are both super exited.

I keep trying to see if my body is already showing symptoms but so far I have a cold and sore boobs but I don't know if they are pregnancy symptoms or im just sick due to all the weather changes. 9 more days and i guess ill find out... im going to update again on march 7th at least on that day ill either have my period :( or a + or - test.