Juggling 2 Children

Well on Saturday March 17th I became 12 weeks pregnant. 3 months :) yay. According to a book I have next week I will be out of my first trimester. Im really excited. Im hoping and praying we have a boy this time. I already have a little girl, who is currently 3. When I think about how much I love her its hard to imagine splitting that in half or sharing the love lol. Im sure it will just come natural, that I will love them equally. Its just been me and my little girl for so long. I just want to make sure she never feels forgotten when the new baby comes, and knows I love her all the same. I have to make sure I make time for me and her to just go out alone. Maybe the new baby can stay with my mother or sister so we can just have some time. Especially since I know a newborn takes up 98.9% of your time. Well those are my concerns as of this week. Hopefully no new ones will arise, although I'm pretty certain they will. Until next time :*