June 21st

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So the calculated date of my period was supposed to be today and I haven't had it. I may have not calculated right though because I didn't have a period the month before last and then got my period around the 20th of last month, when it was normally on the 18th, so yeah. I dunno whats going on. I suspect I'll get my period tomorrow or the next day. But wouldn't it be exciting if I was pregnant!? I hope so, but if not, there is always next month (:
I also am feeling to hyper sensitive about pregnancy in general and are angry at all the men in my life who also think so haha, not just my husband. Im trying to be more chill, or at least more silent, about my body and what's it's going thru and when i think im pregnant and when i think im not. I do keep asking my husband about what sorts of things-like activities, he'd do with a boy if we had a boy or a girl if we had a girl. He's being good about it though. I also asked him about how we should argue around our kids, cuz we can get mean and nasty sometimes. I think he wants to opt for silence, and while that does indeed quell arguments sometimes-u know the ones u have when ur just stressed and it would actually be better if u just didnt say all the mean things u want to? We'll see. I also want to watch more super nanny, he time outs are a wonderful way to keep parents and kids happy-in harmony, and i know she has good advice for raising kids in general too. Im also trying to be more patient with my husband, to SHOW him, rather than just tell him i love him. And God wants me to love my husband, for sure. I hope me and my husband are great and supportive parents for our kids. I know at work,, I see lots of kids afraid of their parents because their parents are so craized or aggressive or just mean /: People just need to remember that kids are just kids. Well, God help us, that's all I can pray.