Just a thought !

It is May and May is known to be National Teenage Prevention Pregnancy Month. My dance club and I decided to take this week to acknowledge this month and tell other students about it. We asked for donations which will go to the organization, we made t-shirts, had a guest speaker come and speak to the kids about respecting your body, and we even had raffles and who ever wins will get different supplies for school to even hygiene. From doing this event, it made me want to take it a step further to make another impact to girls in my school. What if I carried out a full term pregnancy throughout the year and collected information on how I've been treated throughout those 9months. I feel that this project would be so effective because pregnancy is something that for some reason has been happening even more this year in my school. Pregnancy is a BEAUTIFUL thing, but not at ages of 15-19. Those are the ages that you should be enjoying the years of high school and not needing to worry about frequent dr visits or what pampers you'll have to get for your baby. A baby is a 24 hour job that won't EVER go away and girls should understand that. I know there are people that are sexually active, and if you choose to be sexually active make sure you use protection, don't be careless because at the end, there will be consequences. Pregnancy should be for those who have a steady job, money, and just the patience to take care another human being. By doing this project and also being known in the school, I feel this can make a huge impact. There will be people that don't agree with me but even if one person listens I know that's one person that is avoiding pregnancy. I really want to do this project, and I know I'd be giving up my sports and dancing but it's something I'm willing to give up because its an issue that is happening daily and teenagers feel its alright.