Just don't know

I just had my 27th birthday, I'm nearly done with my internal medicine residency. My husband and I have been married 6 years. We are ready to have a child, but so many questions plague my mind. . . .

-My diabetes is well controlled, but will my child still have defects?
-How long is this going to take?
-Can I even conceive?
-When I do, will I have time to be the mother I want to be?
-Will my husband change? will he continue to love me as he does now and help me?
-Should I enlist the help of my family? I've avoided their inquiries for so long, I don't want the extra pressure from them.
-Will I be a good mother?

I guess I'm impatient, in the meantime my husband and I run through possible names we like, keeping a running list in a note on my iphone. VIsions of adding to my family bring peace and joy, but concerns that this will never happen sometimes depresses me knowing I'll never have the pleasures. . .sometimes gives me relief knowing I'll never have the pressures.

this added stress can't help